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Art Therapy Services

What is Art Therapy?

We all have an innate ability to create

Art therapy is a mental health profession which utilizes the creative process and resulting artworks to increase the overall well-being of clients. Learning to express through art offers an expansion of awareness to both our inner and outer worlds. Perhaps more aptly stated by the artist Georgia O’Keeffe, “I found that I could say things with colors and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way… things I had no words for.”

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Services We Provide

Live in your strength. Find your freedom.

Clients who engage with services at Fox and Feather are often creative, curious, and ready to make positive changes in their lives. Sessions focus on uncovering inner wisdom, fostering a sense of well-being, and identifying tools for resiliency.

Eating Disorder Services

By focusing on food choices, we offer ourselves a temporary distraction from what is truly disconnected in our lives. Disordered eating may take many forms, yet common themes include: negative body image, unsatisfying relationships, and a need for obsessive control.

Eating disorder services at Fox and Feather focus on learning to nourish the mind, body, and spirit. Over time clients learn how to regain a sense of freedom in food choices, and address underlying storylines that no longer serve their life’s journey.

Trauma Services

Survivors of trauma often feel disconnected from both their bodies and emotional sensations. Symptoms may feel overwhelming and intrusive.

Art therapy services at Fox and Feather naturally address trauma responses by inviting clients to explore themes of safety and connectedness through creative metaphor. Sessions focus on integration, mastery of sensations, and internal resources of strength.

Authentic-Self Services

Our fast-paced technological world often has us equating our worth with our productivity. It’s easy to become focused on to-do lists and achievements as opposed to stillness and reflection.

Clients who explore authenticity at Fox and Feather often develop powerful self-care rituals. For some this may mean invoking a relationship with spirituality. For others its leaning into curiosities about freedom, identity, and life’s meaning.

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