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Trained SoulCollage® Facilitator

Discover Your Wisdom, Change Your World

SoulCollage® is a creative process through which we create collages on individual cards. If we were to imagine our entire being (mind, body, and spirit) as an ocean, each card represents one drop from our ocean. All the various pieces of our existence emerge on the cards. For example, one card may be The Healer, another The Jealous Sister, and yet another The Triumphant Woman. SoulCollage® affords us the opportunity to understand all our unique facets. Over time, we develop our own deck of cards which can then be used for guidance.

Sarah is a trained SoulCollage® facilitator and is ecstatic to bring this creative practice to the shoreline community. SoulCollage® is an integral tool in developing personal insight and cultivating a sense of wholeness. Sarah offers SoulCollage® in individual sessions or in group workshops. Groups are offered for both clients and providers, in separate sessions. Additionally, Sarah offers SoulCollage® for supervision, for post-graduate providers seeking either their LPC or ATR credentialing.

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